Dittisham Village Voice November 13, 2009


‘The directing and acting was better than many performances in the West End’ was the comment of one member of the audience who attended last Saturday’s wonderful evening when the Ditsum Players put on August Strindberg’s play ‘The Stronger’.  The village hall was packed, friends and neighbours sat at candlelit tables and enjoyed the  boeuf bourgignon  prepared by Brigitte Tardy from the Red Lion.  Plates were cleared away, glasses were left and the lights went down.  The spotlight picked out an elegant lady in stunning thirties dress sitting alone in a café.  An equally gorgeous lady joined her and battle commenced.  One lady spoke the other said nothing.  The will just say that you could hear a pin drop throughout the performance and discussions are still going on as to which woman was the stronger.

The following morning there was a full church at St George’s for Remembrance Sunday.  The citation was movingly read by Janet Bootherstone.  There were cadets and officers from Britannia Royal Naval College.  After the service one of the officers was holding his young baby and the words ‘The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in’ somehow  seemed very poignant at this time when it seems that we are losing brave young men almost daily.   This Sunday, November 15, there will be a rededication of St Clement’s Church at 6.30pm by the Rt Revd John Ford, Bishop of Plymouth. Did you know that our churches are totally funded by us the public.   Nowadays, few people go to church but many say on forms that they are Christians and if you look at the visitors’ book in our church it is amazing to read between the lines the love and respect people have for these buildings.  Perhaps you might like to come to St George’s Christmas Market at the Village Hall on Saturday, November 28.  If you have anything to donate please ring Gil Hayward on 722 274. I wonder how many children know and understand what Guy Fawkes actually did?  In Britain we have always supported the underdog but we also seem to celebrate the bad blokes. Dick Turpin springs to mind.  Anyway, Bonfire night was great. It was just a drizzle so the fire burnt well and the guy, brilliantly constructed and erected by Roger Bastin and his family remained above the flames with a maniac grin for ages until the head finally toppled off as if he had been executed at  the Tower of  London.

Things to do:  Greenway Community Day on Sunday, November 22nd from 12.00 to 5.00pm is open to residents of Galmpton village, Maypool, Dittisham and Greenway.  Come and see how the house is looking before we close for winter and catch up with what has been happening.  You can see the updated website and other publicity information and we are really interested to hear your views on the changes made.  There will be hot drinks and cakes.  You need to bring along a proof of address such as a utility bill.