July 16  2010 Dittisham Village Voice



It has been dog days here in Dittisham.  Hot, sultry and ****** all going on. Then on  Sunday, July 4th   St George’s Church gift day was held at Pier House, the Quay. It grizzled a bit but this did not deter the one hundred or so people that came and   enjoyed a good ploughmans lunch and were very generous so that  about £1,300 was raised.  Thanks to everyone who helped  make the day such as success and particular thanks to the owner of Pier House, Ronald Travers and to Roger and Rose Bastin who made the gardens look so lovely. An event earlier this summer, the cream tea at Twenty Fathoms , raised £100 for  the Dartmouth fire fund and £200 for the new equipment needed for the Short Mats Bowling Club. A warm welcome to Anthony Stevens of

Lod Cottage, The Lane who has been co- opted onto the Parish Council.  He said ‘ this village has given so much to our family and I just want to try and give a bit back’.  The whole village hope that his father will be returning soon to his new home at Lod Cottage after a very long stay in hospital.  The council have agreed to make a reinforced track down the side of the Ham to facilitate disabled access.  It will also benefit mothers’ with push chairs indeed everyone who uses the footpath  leading on up to the Lane .The annual Start Bay Rally and Race of the Devon Area of the Old Gaffers Association was held over the weekend of 9-11th July.  The race on Saturday afternoon saw ten gaffers at the start line off Blackstone Point.  The 9 mile course around Start Bay had to be shortened due to a lack of wind.  As always the gaffers came in all shapes and sizes from 16 to 38 feet and made a lovely sight with their traditional rigs and colourful sails. First  in class were Gil & Carolyn Hayward from Dittisham in their

Heard 23, "Mary Hay" On Sunday the gaffers drifted up to Dittisham for a barbeque with Mike Green providing the music on his piano accordian.  A good time was had by all. There is always a lot going on in our neighbouring village, Cornworthy.  Recently there has been a Scarecrow Competition judged on originality, humour and  use of re-cycled materials.  Were scarecrows ever made of anything else?.  Oh darling I must go out and buy an Armani suit for my scarecrow he looks so old tatty.    Well,  there were some wonderful characters all around the area.  Here are two that graced East Cornworthy.  

Things coming up:

After the huge success of the previous Dittisham Arts Festival the village is hosting the 2010 exhibition of both professional and non-professional art. Artists working in either two  or threed who are interested in exhibiting and requiring further information should: contact the organiser

 Mark Riley mark@coombegallery.com  01803 835820 or Stella Keeley stella.keeley@btinternet.com