Dittisham Village Voice March 11, 2011


Someone who turns out on a cold night in early March, who is driven some distance by the wife to the depths of Devon and who then tells wonderful fables deserves a prize in my opinion.  . The organisers of  World Book Night would have been impressed by the activity in this neck of the woods. Clive Pig put on a great show in the Red Lion acting out some great fables enhanced by a drum.  Around and about people of all ages were offered a free book  and without exception  were delighted to participate  in the idea of reading it, logging on to the website and then passing it on.  The fund raising evening held at Fingals Hotel for Impact Foundation whose aim is to prevent and relieve avoidable disability Fingals Hotel was a huge success raising £3000.  This money  will cover the cost of many operations performed by David Jameson-Evans orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in operating on club feet.  Closer to home Dartmouth Caring who do so much in our community held a tea party for volunteers at the Royal Castle Hotel recently.  If you want want to become a volunteer or know of someone who could benefit from one of the many facilities they offer call 01803 835384.

Dates for the diary:

March 25th Moroccan Night tagine, cous cous, mint tea and belly dancing.

March 27th St Patrick’s Day celebrations  in both pubs.  St George’s Day Concert will be held in church on Wednesday, April 27th.  There will be some fine music and singing.