There was another dramatic vehicle incident in the village last week not caused by natural tides this time but by the use, nay the misuse, of satellite navigation.  The driver of a forty foot long  articulated truck ignored directions given to him by  Carpenter Oak but put  their postal code into his sat nav and with huge difficulty and causing much aggro drove his vehicle into Dittisham. The driver was so traumatised he had to retire to the Red Lion for a very strong cup of coffee. The incident was well handled by Adam Milton, managing director of Carpenter Oak based near Cornworthy,  and  Sean Tucker of Cott Farm, who had to tow the truck which contained  28 tonnes of wood up Dittishaam  hill.  The lesson learned is that sat nav can be a dangerous thing in rural areas unless it is checked out on a map or with the home or business owner.


Popping into the Ferry Boat Inn for a pre Sunday lunch drink  is always a good way to pick up village news.    The fire in the corner has now been lit apparently at  the insistence of the ‘grumpy’ Quiz Master.   The fact that Cllr Walker was sweating and had to strip off caused some amusement. Perhaps the fire was lit for the ‘door closer’ a Bratz doll wearing a skimpy bikini.  The maker of these novelties is looking for a Ken doll or action man that can be morphed from a witch into Guy Fawkes into Santa.  Please contact the pub if you have such a thing on your pillow or in the attic.


  Recently a friend remarked to me that funerals are far more interesting and fun than weddings.  I have pondered this comment at length and decided that she is right.  At a funeral you learn so much about a person in the eulogy and talking to people at the wake, at a wedding you only seem to hear about how drunk everyone got at the stag or hen night.  However, news of a wedding is ‘a good thing’.  Delighted to report that Ali James,  former resident of The Brew House, Manor Street and Wednesday night barmaid  is marrying Chris Walker, he of smoky voice,  on  October 31st.  The wedding takes place at Oldway Mansions, the reception is at Greenway where Ali now works and continuing festivities (hopefully no speeches) at the Ferry Boat. 


The church flower ladies, as always, did a superb job decorating the church for last Sunday’s Harvest Festival.    Our village has had a bumper crop of fruit this year my larder is full of chutney and jam. We so rarely think how fortunate we are in this country to  have the gentle rains.. Did you know that 80% of Africans only grow enough food for themselves and have no facilities to store their harvest. The church  collection and proceeds from the previous Friday when there had been a good turn out at the Bring and Share Harvest Quiz night at St Clements hall went to the practical charity called Farm Africa www.farmafricapresents.org.uk   Pip Gooderham and his team won the overall quiz and went home with a large box of chocolates.


 So sorry to bring up the ‘C’ word but it is only seventy six days away! Some years ago now Jenny Wynne-Jones,  one of the artists in our village, had the brilliant notion of  using villagers’ talents to make clay figures for the Christmas Nativity scene at St George’s.  Some of these figures now need replacing so do come along anytime after 10.00am on Tuesday, November 10th  or Wednesday, November 11th to number  25 Dittisham Court, Riverside Road and have a go at making a figure or an animal. Children are welcome and adults do not worry if you have never worked in clay before   Jenny is a great teacher. The figures will be fired and then in late November you need to come back to paint them.   Those chaps who made bendy legged camels last time can have another go using strengthening wire which can be fired.  Call Jenny on 722 497 to let her know your preferred date and time. The church choir are already rehearsing for the carol service.  The choir master, Jonathan Watts, hopes we do not peak too soon. He welcomed a new tenor, Chris Rowlands from Dunedin on the Quay. 


   The whist drives held in Dittisham in the summer raised a goodly sum of £275 for the village hall.  They continue to play on Thursday evenings at 7.30 at the Sportsman’s Arms.


  Autumn is really upon us so why not pop over to The Nomad’s Tent at Coombe Farm Studios open daily 10.00am to 5.00pm Friday Oct 16 – Sunday October 25th and browse the soft earthy tones of the  kilims, ceramics and  textiles