Village Voice November 27 09


There has been a lot of discussion recently about whether sunspots, or lack of them, affect precipitation upon planet earth.  I am no scientist nor indeed meteorologist  I just wish these so called experts would make up their minds.  If they are so blinking clever perhaps they can spread the wet stuff more evenly around our world.  For example can we please have less rain in Cornworthy so that the first twenty brave allotment garden holders can get out there and start digging.  After a bitter disappointment about land last year a knight in shining armour stepped forward and donated a wonderful field and the Cornworthy Allotment team have done a terrific job setting out the gardens and getting together  a constitution.   I was honoured to be invited to join and as a total debutante I have already received  so much advice particularly from Edwin Tucker and Sons in Ashburton  The weather for the Greenway Community Day last Sunday was pretty dire but our local hero, Captain Ahab aka Norman the ferryman, provided ferry transport across a stormy river with a ransom of ‘bring back some cake, please’.  Details of the new traffic policy were on display and NT volunteers were there to answer questions. particularly about the huge problem of Dittisham not having enough parking for all the Greenway visitors last summer.  Robyn Brown, property manager, has attended meetings in the village and Galmpton and Churston who both suffered similar  problems.  One good thing is that the advice to park in Dittisham and take the ferry across to the Christie estate  has been taken off all literature and off the website.  Down at the Ferry Boat in the gale several people including another hero, our landlord Ray jumped in the river dressed in silly clothes or ‘very little’ and  raised over £300  for Air Ambulance and Help the Heroes.  The Dittisham Football Club would like to thank the sponsors of the fireworks for Guy Fawkes bonfire night and to those who made the evening such a success.  The surplus funds of £200 will go to Dartmouth Life Boat. The Parish Church Council meeting held on Tuesday, November 10th at the Red Lion Inn was an informative and productive meeting.  The church yard is now well cared for by Roger and Rose Bastin.    The treasurer, John Wells, gave a positive report on church finances. Volunteers are needed to help Joy Haytor with the mammoth job of keeping the church clean.  Please contact the PCC secretary, Pat Stannard on 722 426.  Dittisham is very grateful to the Dartmouth ladies who have sewn stunning red vestments to be used in our church.  Many people have now enjoyed making pottery figures and animals for the Nativity Scene for St George’s.  Comments such as ‘is it a goat or a sheep or maybe a dinosaur?’  kept the potters  chuckling as they worked.  Thank you Jenny Wynne Jones for providing the clay, the expertise and the  delicious flapjacks.  Tomorrow, Saturday November 28th is the church Christmas market in the village hall starting at 2.00 pm

If you thought The Ditsum Players did a good job in the village hall, well, they went on to perform twice at the Dart Drama Festival and the performances by our stars Lesley Wells and Gina Carter went into a different league of brilliance.   Paul Vincent, director, and the ladies are to be congratulated.  

You might like to support the charity Help for Heroes by coming to a Mamma Mia! Extravaganza at the Village Hall on Saturday, December 5th.  Enjoy a Greek supper, the film, dancing and an auction.  A fun packed evening for a good cause.  Call Stella on 722 492 for more information.  May I take this opportunity to thank the many people in the village and the parish who have written to me on hearing of the death of my mother who died peacefully at her home on Wednesday, November 18th.  A memorial service will be held for her on December 16th at St George’s, Dittisham  at twelve noon.