Village Voice Dittisham  March 23


Mothering Sunday on March 18th was a gorgeous morning and the service started with ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’.  It was  sung lustily to Tune 1 but many sang it equally lustily  to Tune 2.    The melodies  are not dissimilar and  it took two  verses and two choruses to get everyone singing  off the same song sheet. A Vicar of Dibley moment.    Father Will used a bag of tricks to remind us of how wonderful mothers are in their care and patience and unconditional love for their children.     The pretty posies given out to all the mums were put together by Di Harvey, Gail Mosley and Linda Irvine  (see photo).

Plans for the Jubilee festivities  are coming on a pace.   Have a look at the Dittisham website scroll down to Diamond Jubilee and there you will find a draft programme which will be added to  as funding and organisation is arranged.  If you like a good sing why not join in the pageant of words and music which will follow the Sunday feast on the Ham.  There will be a few rehearsals nearer the time contact Jonathan Watts  on 07977536008 or Helen Woodman on 722 441.

Future Events

The Perfect Plot a book about the Cornworthy Allotments, inspired by our local photographer  Kim Sayer, will be launched on Saturday, April 7th at the Totnes Book Shop from 11.30 to 1.00pm .It is not just a practical guide to allotment growing it is about a group of people (you will recognise many of them) united by a shared passion.   It describes their triumphs and disasters.

Our Ditsum  Players chairman and director/producer of  many of our superb productions, Paul Vincent,  has put his talents to use for an evening of discovery from Spelt Theatre from Earthdrum.  Written and performed by Mark Drummond ex National Youth Theatre.  “Spelt is theatre that appeals to the heart as compassionate and imaginative as it truly is.”

Saturday, April 21st at 7.30pm at the Flavel. Tickets £10 in advance Box Office 01803 839530 or £12 on the door.   It’s good to be back in the saddle.  Don’t forget to call me if you have a story or need to tell the village about a project.