Dittisham Village Voice September  10 2010


These days the population of our country is incalculable.  There will be a census in 2011but most of us will  probably not believe the numbers.   Extraordinary that so many human beings can live on such a tiny island and that amongst these millions there are people who are almost invisible but so worthy of seeing. Such a person was  Jim Brelsford who died recently at the age of 90.  I knew him a little from the village shop where he would buy huge bunches or bananas and quantities of healthy cereal.  Some will know him from the weekly Friday Dartmouth bus. Many in this small village were totally unaware of his presence because he was such a quiet, gentle soul and a bit of a hermit.    Born deaf at a time when the world described such people as deaf and dumb he did well at  the village school learned to speak quite clearly and lip read very well.  He eJimbecame a coppersmith apprentice at Philips Boatyard at the age of 15 and worked there until he retired at 65. According to his first cousin, Roy Andrews the old ferryman, Jim used to row from Dittisham to the  boatyard every day  for many years..  He was a perfectionist and highly respected for his work on tankers and lightships.  His home was a sort of ship.Hidden away along the lane off Manor Street.  The outside of the house  was varnished every two years and the inside was immaculate with the copper and brass shining so you could see your face in it and all the wood in the house polished and varnished.  IsHiHis sister, Grace,  fell in love with a GI in the second world war a GI unlike many others who actually came back for her.  They are coming over for t he graveside service and committal which will take place  at 11.00am on Tuesday, September 14th.

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There is a notice by St George’s that the Churchwarden, Penny Mathews,

has tendered her resignation, after a number of years of dedicated service.

There will be a Parish Meeting in the church after the service on Sunday 12th September when two new candidates for the position of churchwarden will be elected.

The PCC have proposed Pip Gooderham of Twenty Fathoms, Higher Street, Dittisham and  Jenny Sjoberg of The Killick, Riverside Road, Dittisham.

Both have indicated they are willing to serve. If anyone else would like to have their name put forward please contact the Chairman Roger Hickman on 722 441.before the