Dittisham Horticultural.Homecraft & Handicraft Society


Annual Show Saturday 31st. July 2010


One year perhaps we will have perfect weather before our annual show. Last year it was too much rain, this year we had a very cold start to the growing season and then a long dry spell, followed by some rain. This was good for the vegetables but bad for the flowers. Despite this the total entries were slightly up on last year with the vegetables well up and flowers predictably down.

Over 90 people paid £2.00 at the door. Children were free and all enjoyed a generous tea and cakes.


The cup winners were:-

Fruit and Veg.             Most Points                           Paul Hunt

Fruit and Veg.Best     Best Exhibit                           Arthur Wotton

Flowers.                        Best Exhibit                          Peter Smyth

Flowers.                        Most Points                           Peter Smyth

Floral Arrangements. Most Points                           Jenny Sjoberg

Floral Arrangements. Best Exhibit                 Jenny Sjoberg

Homecraft Preserves. Best Exhibit                  Betty Gooderham

Homecraft Preserves. Most Points                  Betty Gooderham

Homecraft Baking.     Most Points                           Brenda O’Flaherty

Handicrafts                Most Points                             Wendy Tope

Handicrafts                Best Exhibit                            Gay Hawnt

Art                               Most Points                             Tony Bryant

Art                               Best Exhibit                            Tony Bryant

Photography              Most Points                             Tony Bryant

Photography              Best Exhibit                            Tim Taylor

Art Novice         Not a previous winner                   Shane Freeman

Children 4 to 6            Most Points        Joint Prize  (Sam Wardlaw                                                                               (Annabel Golding

Children 7 to 9          Most Points                    Fred Taylor

Children 10 to 14       Most Points Joint Prize  (Angus Wardlaw

                                                                                  (Barnaby Taylor

Children’s Cup           Joint Prize                     (Amy Allen

                                                                                  ( Isobel Lester

Children’sArt             Rising Star                     Ethan Cooke     

Children’s Non Painting  Best Exhibit          Annabel Golding

Men Only                  Most Points in Show    Paul Hunt

Women Only            Most Points in Show    Molly Smith

Any Exhibitor           Most Points in Show       (Molly Smith

                                                                                  (Paul Hunt


Many thanks to Ron Travers for judging of the limerick and the presentation of the prizes .


The Limerick this year was won by Felix Rose:-


“When the Judges arrived at the Hall

  There was nobody in there at all

  Not one plum, not one bean

  No cheese scones could be seen

  All had left on “The World” for a tour”.



Photo captions:-


010a  Ron Travers and Horticultural Chair Ann Unitt

018a  General view of the Village Hall with exhibits

020a   Please do not use this pix

024a  “The Helpers” Margaret Foale and Clair Hindom

011a   Toshico Faulkner and her exhibit

019a    Sam Wardlaw and Sophie Wardlaw and her winning drawing

021a    Isobel Lester with her winning hydrangea

028a   Jenny Sjoberg receiving her winning cup from Ron     Travers

029a   Brenda O’Flaherty receiving her prize

037a   Fred Taylor with his cup

038a   Angus Wardlaw,Barnaby and Isobel Lester.

043a   Paul Hunt and Molly Smith with their cups

046a   Annabel Golding with her shield and cup