Dittisham Voice Friday 17 June

Old age no long seems to command respect in  Western  society but a universal truth is that becoming a Grandmother does.  ‘Congratulations! How wonderful!  How are mother and baby doing?.  Even  young lads have the bug  ‘cool, got any photos on your phone?’  Of course, there are hundreds of images of Rowan Olivia,  now one month old, swirling around the world via face book, youtube and emails.  It is an honour to become a grandparent something that time bestows and unlike other rewards in life you do not have to work for it. Just thinking about my new granddaughter, Rowan, brings a rejuvenating glow. 

Dick Strawbridge, the TV presenter ex army chap with a fine moustache,  and   his son James and a small film crew turned up in the village last week.  They are making a foodie series travelling from Plymouth to Greenwich in a small wooden boat stopping en route to talk to locals about produce and recipes.  They visited Dittisham Farm, Capton because the owner Sue Fildes has some very fine Berkshire pigs. (see photo) What did they film?  ‘Well’, explained Sue, ‘ The film team did not know what to do so I suggested we caught the pigs and prepared them for a show’.  How do you catch a pig? ‘They must be kept hungry and then I put food into a special box on the back of the tractor and Bingo they smell it and walk in’ How do you prepare them for a show?  ‘ You wash them with baby shampoo so that their white noses, feet and tail are omo bright!  Sounds simple but it isn’t and it turned out to be an hilarious scene.  Dittisham  is, of course, famous for its plums so Philys Trant, who owns a lovely plum orchard along the Lane, was interviewed under her plum trees about how the plums arrived in the village. Always a controversial subject.  Phil was very pleased with her gift which was …wait for it… a small bottle of Dittisham plum liqueur.  The series will be going out sometime next Autumn so watch this space.

Tickets are now on sale for the Ditsum Players’ Summer production which is a confection of Shakespeare’s most loved works. The dates of SHAKESPEARE IN THE GARDEN  are Friday, June 15 and Saturday June 16 starting at 7.30pm. If the weather is fine the performances will  take place at Middle Meadow, The Level, Dittisham otherwise in St George’s Church.  For tickets and/or more information please call Gail Mosley 01803 722633  or  Helen Isitt  01803 732081.  The Directors and Cast are busy rehearsing.  This is something not to be missed.