Dittisham Village Voice

Friday October 22 2010


I have just returned from a visit to Maine, USA.  The small hamlets, for which there is no local name, the towns, which they call villages and the very few large towns which they call cities are really stunningly beautiful.  There are no unattractive housing developments, no supermarkets or chain stores,  no ugliness anywhere. But it is time warp and I wonder what people do at night? There is a lovely slow lilt to the voice and tourists are called  people ‘from away’.  Perhaps in Devon and Cornwall we should dispense with the rather derogatory names for tourists such as  grockle and emmet and adopt this kindly term. On Main Street, Damariscotta I saw a pumpkin  that weighed over 1000 lbs. Over the pond we just cannot compete but I do hear that  St George's Church was beautifully decorated with flowers, fruit and vegetables for the traditional Harvest Festival held on Sunday October 3.  After the service the congregation enjoyed coffee and home made biscuits. Many thanks to everyone who helped decorate the church and those who made the delicious biscuits.

In the new allotments on the road to Cornworthy there are still some fine squash and autumn produce but really the harvest is in.   The Cornworthy Allotment Association was established on 28th January 2009    the land secured by private agreement.   During September and October 2009 the site was prepared and sectioned off into allotment gardens.  By mid October all 20 plots had enthusiastic owners and the hard work began  grant funding had been received from South Hams District Council, Devon County Council, Devon Community Foundation and South Devon Coastal Local Action Group.  These funds have helped provide a communal garden shed, composting lavatory, rain water harvesting system and a borehole. By the end of this year there will b a fully sustainable allotment garden site with disabled assess to all the facilities. The second season has just begun and all the plots have tenants.  There is a  waiting list.  As a proud first time allotment owner I can only say that this year was  baptism by fire with a very cold start then a drought but what greater pleasure is there than harvesting home grown fruit and vegetable eating them or giving them away to family friend and neighbours.  (see pics).  In case you were wondering why the flags were flying on Lower Street it was to give a warm welcome home to John Stevens.  His fortitude and the love and selflessness of his wife Jill and the support of all the Stevens family has been an example to us all.  Welcome Home John.

Future Events

Bonfire Night  this year will be on Thursday, November 4th down on the Ham starting at 7.00pm. 

On Friday November 5th in the Village Hall there will be a three course supper and a performance of a short play The Hebrew Lesson by Wolf Mankowitz before it plays at the Dartmouth Drama Festival later in November.   Tickets are on sale now at £10 from John Wells on 722 414.  His wife Lesley is Producer and Director.  She says ‘I am feeling very excited about seeing all the research, the set ideas, the sound and of course the actors all  coming together.  It is a very strong, interesting  play  set in 1921 in Cork in the time of ‘The Troubles’.’

The following night Saturday, November 6th Jonathan Dimbleby is at the Flavel with ‘An Africa Journney’ which takes us behind the scenes of his television series of the same name. 

Remembrance Day service will be at 10.50am on Sunday,  14th November. It will attended by a party of cadets and officers from BRNC.  The Ferry Boat Inn will extend their popular Steak Night on into November. 2 x 8oz steaks and a bottle of house wine for £22.50.  Lastly, there is always a space in the Medau Class every Thursday from 2.30 to 3.30. Men and Women are welcome.   Yvonne is a great teacher and it is good fun and not too strenuous.  See you there!