Dittisham Village Voice June 18


Don’t forget that tonight, Friday June 18 from 6.00 to 8.30pm  Greenway is welcoming Dittisham residents to the house and gardens. Just go down the pontoon and Norman will take you over on the ferry.   Bring a picnic, a utility bill to show you are an authentic person  and a torch to get you home.  The walled garden will be the venue for the picnic and there will be music, games and a free ice cream.  Call 842 382 if you need more details.  This is a super thank you from Greenway perhaps needed as our village is still a bit of a car park for the Greenway visitors.  Are you often asked the way to the ferry especially at high tide?  Don’t like too many signs but perhaps there should be to  indicate the footpath  from the children’s playground  up the stream and  along the Lane.

The village Horticultural Show truly is a part of English rural life and thank goodness these lovely events seem to have escaped the vagaries of  health and safety issues  and certainly in Dittisham the show is a highlight of the year.  The programmes are now printed and available in the Red Lion.  The date is Saturday, July 31st. Having taken on an allotment for the first time this year it has been baptism by fire for us  with such a cold April and then the drought in May.  Hopefully the produce will have caught up by  then.    Aside from flowers, fruit and vegetables there are some fun ideas in the handicraft and art sections.  How about making  a sculpture out of recycled household waste, decorating a box.or get out that camera and enter the photography section. If you are one of the 25 cup winners from last year please remember to return your cup for re-engraving.

 The strange weather  did not seem to have effected  the gorgeous gardens at Bramble Torre which were open to the public last weekend  through the National Gardens Scheme.  Set in twenty acres of farmland the three acre garden is a wonderful mixture of wild and tamed flower beds  and herbaceous  borders mixed in with impressive vegetable plots and the sun shone all day long.which added to the idyll.  The scones donated by the Anchorstone café were delicious, too.

Another cream tea can be had at Twenty Fathoms on Higher Street on Sunday, June 20th from 3.00 to 5.00.  The Short Mat Bowling Club are raising money for a mat roller.  Donations for raffle prizes, cakes, produce or plants are welcome.  Proceeds from the raffle will go to the Dartmouth Fire fund.  Please contact Brenda O’Flaherty on 722 349 or Di Fletcher on 722 427. The previous Thursday four hard working  Dittishamites ran a cake stall in the Avenue gardens for the Dartmouth Hospital League of Friends  and  made over £100 on their  cake stand .The wet summers of 2008 and 2009 are thank heaven  a distant memory and this year The Miracle Theatre Company’s version of Romeo and Juliet took place at Fingals Hotel on a perfect summer’s evening.  A good thing as the love scene was played from a tall, wobbly, wooden tower with Romeo on a ladder silhouetted against an evening sky.  ‘Twould not have been quite so romantic in pissing rain.