Dittisham Village Voice August 19, 2011


There has been activity around the swallow’ nests in the church porch since May this year.  As you probably know both swallow parents build, or refurbish, the nests made from mud and plant fibres.  Nests have been known to be reused on occasion for up to 50 years.  There are four nests in the porch and already there have been three clutches and the fledglings are long gone. Normally, swallows leave Britain in early September to start their long haul flight to South Africa.   However,  one nest (see photo) was  still occupied last Friday by our  feathered friends (to me they look   like Grandma Giles).  They were cheeping  away to greet our new Priest in Charge, the Reverend William Hazlewood, who dropped in for tea.  It was quite a scrumptious one.  Scones and clotted cream, home made jam and cakes.  Father Will came with his wife Sophie, his son Theo and black lab, Benson to meet everyone.  We are thrilled to have them here.  Theo was given crabbing kit, a bucket and  line and sinker.  He seemed chuffed with it.  I have a feeling that the swallow family had waited so as to be there  for the welcoming  party. The following evening there was a lovely concert in St George’s which lends itself so well to such events.  Inow manyH

 how many small villages in  England can one hear such music played to such a high standard.  Jonathan Watts on piano and Sarah Wormall on violin - the programme included Corelli, Bach and Beethoven’s Spring Sonata and the second half was very lively with music by Verdi - Il Trovatore,  a fantastic arrangement of Londonderry Air by  Fritz Kriesler and at the end of the concert Sarah tossed off her pretty 6 ins heels and serenaded around the church to ‘gypsy’ music by Vittorio Monti.