Dittisham Village Voice  Feb 4 2011


You know you have been away a long time when you hear of something  in the village that is talked about as if it had existed for years.  Hey, I only left in November. One such thing is The Tufty Club.   If you go to the Red Lion around lunchtime there is quite a jolly crowd at the bar, mainly fellas, and apparently they have become known in some quarters as The Tufty Club.  Now, I do not mind at all confessing that I was born in 1947 and so I was  a young child in the 50’s but I have no recollection of this  Club. They say about the 60’s that if you remember them you were not there. But the 50’s?  I do remember vaguely a rather surreal Mule called Muffin  .  Anyway, I googled and discoveredt he club  was created in 1953 and was something to do with broadcasting simple safety messages to children under 5.   I was invited to join but felt I knew how to cross the road safely.   The best thing that came out of this visit to the shop/pub/post office was a discussion that ensued about the correct spelling and pronunciation of Dittisham.  I was given different answers and would be grateful for a definitive one.  1.  The origin is from  a King Deedas.  2 In tithes it was spelt Ditsum and after 1898 the Victorians gentrified it and  it was written as Dittisham which is why people from. abroad e.g. Crouch End (locals there say  Crewshon) pronounce it that way  but locals around here say Ditsum.  I have seen it written Dit’sum but I think apostrophes did not exist back then but I can stand corrected.  Inevitably the conversation turned to other weird pronunications in Devon my favourite being Newton Abbot which if I can find the phonetic spelling might be said by a local as newtonaboot with the stress on the last syllable.

Party Pieces on Saturday night in the village hall was brilliant as always. Paul Vincent as MC introduced a grand variety show with huge talent shown by  dancers, a magician, a moving story written and read by the author, very funny poetry one dialogue on a Pete and Dud lookalike that was surreal and another clever skit on the dreadful answer machines of our age press 1 for …press 2 for….ending up with some good old singalongs.  Well done all

Future events on Saturday February 12 at St Mary’s Church, Totnes there is a festival of music and service starting at 4.00pm  If you are interested in joining the choir contact Jane on 862499. On Saturday Feb 19th a grand book sale at Dymonds Barn, Cornworthy  from 9 to 12.30.  The Red Lion  has a special French evening  on Feb 25 quite rightly it is a  very Frrrrrrench menu escargot, cassoulet, daube en boeuf, blanquette de veau and my favourite dessert ile flottante. 

An evening with Jonathan Dimbleby at Harberton Village Hall on Saturday March 5th  at 7.30pm.  There is a curry supper and Jonathan will then talk about his journalistic experiences some funny and some very scary. Tickets from Julie Hallett 01548 821122.  All proceeds go to Moreleigh Villager Hall where Jonathan lives.