MAY 15 issue


I cannot imagine that there has ever been a child  enter St George’s  who has not noticed the lovely wooden model of the church and who  has not put money in the tower and been delighted by the ‘son et lumiere’ action.  The tower lights up and the bells peel.  I was recently shown some fascinating newspaper cuttings about the history of this model and want to share them with you.  Back in 1954 £2,500  ‘a goodly sum’ was  needed for the chancel screen restoration fund   so  Mr. George Brewer, who lived in Manor Street and  was captain of the belfry, decided to make a clockwork model of the church to help raise money.   When you put a penny in the tower (halfpennies did not work) the coin  runs down a chute, passes over the backs of hammers which strike six rods to make the chime.  The coin then drops to operate a switch made from the works of an alarm clock.  The switch goes down and the light in the church comes on powered by a torch battery. It took George all winter to make.  When it was put on public show for the first time some clever stick pointed out that the three clock faces were not all showing the same time so George altered them to 7.15.  ‘Why 7.15?’  he was asked,  ‘Well, why not? It’s as good a time as any,’  he replied. This month The Exeter Diocese is celebrating 1100 years of organised Christianity.  There are many events which you will find on the notice board inside the church.  Close to home on Thursday, May 21st there is a pilgrimage walk staring at 10.00am from the Seven Stars Hotel ending up at Stoke Gabriel for a much needed pub lunch.  On Sunday, May 24th there is a Songs of Praise in Totnes.  On June 27th the Archbishop of Canterbury takes Eucharist on the Cathedral Green in Exeter .  There may be a coach going so if you are interested please contact the Dartmouth Parish Office. Members of the  Dittisham Regatta committee are already hard at it.  There is a competition for children to make a design using only two colours which will be used for the front of the programme and on the Regatta Tee shirt.  For further information please call Edith Wellman on 722 298.  There will be music on the beach by the Ferry Boat Inn this Sunday afternoon let’s hope the weather improves.  On Friday, May 29th the Radio 4 programme Any Questions chaired by Jonathan Dimbleby  will be broadcast live from Dartmouth Community College.  Tickets are available from the College or the Royal Castle Hotel.  You may or may not be pleased to hear that there will be no voice from our village until mid June as  I am off to the States for one daughter’s wedding and the other daughter’s graduation.  We’ll meet again then.