Dittisham Village Voice

Issue June 19


The voice from Dittisham has been silent for a month as I have been in Charleston, South Carolina for my daughter’s wedding – a magical week long event.  ‘Love is in the air, in the whisper of the trees, Love is in the air, in the thunder of the sea’. On Saturday, June 27th Paul Millman is getting married to  Elizabeth Orpitz in St George’s Church with a reception at the Golf and Country Club.  Many of you will know Paul as he grew up in Dunedin on the Quay.  At a tender age he would be seen fishing for mullet at the end of the pier and he spent his last weekend as a bachelor fishing off Weymouth.  Apparently, the lads caught lots of cod and Pollock but his real catch is the delightful Elizabeth.  On the same day Kate Dixon is getting married to Mark Ransby at the Royal Castle Hotel.  Kate grew up in Tuckenhay and Cornworthy. Many Dittisham students will remember her father who was Head of 6th form English at KEVICS. He died of a heart attack whilst out on the river Dart tragically young.  In his memory,  Kate in her wedding dress will bravely travel by boat from Blackness  Marine  to Dartmouth.  Last Sunday in glorious weather the Fry family who own and run Blackness Marina supported RNLI by organszing a wonderful bbq picnic out on Blackness Point. A happy participant described the afternoon as ‘a perfect picnic with pink plonk on the planks of a pontoon’.  Becky and David Fry had obviously put huge effort in  and said ‘it is nice to give something back’.

At a very well attended public meeting on June 10 our new Parish Council chairman, Cllr John Walker, described the impact of the opening of Greenway House on our village as a ‘double edged sword’.  The huge numbers of visitors now coming (800 a day) do benefit some local businesses and takings from the Ham parking are up.  There is, however, already a problem of parking spaces and it is only June.  Some locals without private parking spaces feel unable to leave the village in case they have nowhere to return to. There have been severe obstructions with excessive street parking on Riverside Road and Ham Lane and traffic chaos on Manor Street   Ms Robyn Brown, property manager of Greenway, has arranged to remove all references to parking in Dittisham from the National Trust website and handbook and telephone staff and volunteers discourage parking in Dittisham.  The council has agreed to put up no parking signs on Ham Lane and to reserve half the space at the Level car park to residents.  Enquiries will be made into availability of land for overflow parking.  There will be another meeting on these issues in September and Galmpton, Kingswear, and NT representatives will be invited. A date for the diary is the  church gift day which  will take place again in the lovely garden at Lapwing Cottage, Manor Street on Sunday, July 12 from 12.30 – 2.30 graciously hosted by  John and Lesley Wells.

Some time ago I wrote about the £1500 the parish council had decided to spend on replacing the dilapidated but quaint Dittisham sign as you enter the village from
Cornworthy.  I am delight to end this month’s journal with the news that Callum Woodman has restored the old sign and it will have a solar powered light in it and he has  arranged for a copy to be made by H.G. Middleton and Sons of the Old Forge Dartmouth for the other side of the village near the village hall.