For a number of weeks now a physically challenged male mallard has been living on the pier.  It would appear he has a broken leg but he manages to get into the water at high tides for a bit of exercise, he has a swim about and gets a bit of a snack then hops back up for a snooze.  Luckily he ended up near a good watering hole, namely the Ferry boat Inn, and at weekends he goes there for a breakfast of poached eggs on toast. He has good neighbours, too. Chris and Sylvia have adopted him and call him Donald.   Sylvia says his wife has gone way. You know usually ducks mate for life and I think this wife should be had up for desertion.   ‘It must be lonely for a chap out there on his own’ says one of the barmen.  ‘The lads are inviting him over next week  to watch ‘Duck Soup’’.  We have another character duck who passes her days on Norman’s ferry which travels between the pontoon and Greenway. Click here to see photo.  She is a Muscovy and sits by the helm controlling operations.  Every visitor who jumps on the ferry does a double take when they realize she is alive.  Hollywood eat your heart out.  Our webbed friend is not a member of Equity nor does she receive any salary or indeed tips. She is a perfect talking point and asset to the crossing.  Can a mallard and a muscovy get it together? They live so close and yet so far.  Perhaps they should try www.makefriendsonline.com  .  A quick note to end please note that the Dittisham to Dartmouth Ferry is putting on an 8.30am boat for a trial period.  Do support them they are a lifeline and help avoid traffic congestion in Dartmouth in this busy summer period,..