Issue Jan 30 09


The adage ‘if you want something done ask a busy person’ is particularly true of village life, don’t you think?  Although at this time of year the village is half empty or, as we prefer to say, half full there are  no lack of events and activities.  One of these busy people, Leslie Wells, read an article in Devon Life about women from all over Devon coming together to SEW FOR PEACE.  Five ladies met at her house and each one sewed their personal symbol of peace onto a white square of cotton. (see photograph).  These squares will be sent off and incorporated into large banners that will be carried during a Women’s Day Parade in Exeter City Centre on Sunday March 8th.  If any other villages, or indeed individuals, are interested  call Catherine Cartwright Project Manager on 01392 66708.  Well done Leslie for not just thinking about it but going ahead and doing it.  Stella Keeley, another very busy person, has been working hard to get the acts together for Party Pieces on Saturday February 7th at 7.00 pm.  This is a fund raiser for the village hall roof. The short mat bowling team are apparently performing a Frank Sinatra number ‘I’ll do it my way’ they have re written the words  which  only fit if they win their next match.  A little optimistic?  We’ll keep you posted. Tickets are available from Mike Faulkner on 722 549.  Mike has taken over bookings for the hall from Di Fletcher who has been doing this for twelve years.  A huge thank you, Di.  The writer was unable to attend Burns’ Night at the Ferry Boat Inn but apparently the early warning device for staff and publican on whom may be entering the premises has mutated from Santa into a kilted gentleman,  What will Valentine’s Day bring?  Answers on a postcard please.  Until next week.


Sally Christensen