Issue January 2, 2009


The flower ladies surpassed themselves this year and transformed St George’s into a green, red and gold feast for the eyes of all those who visited the church over Christmas week.  At the carol service Simon Wright kept the children busy in between traditional carols and readings by having them find the handmade clay Nativity figures and animals hidden around the building and then placing them in the crèche.  As a finale a plucky little toddler marched right up to the altar to find baby Jesus and then she marched right back down again past the choir, through the rood screen and placed the little sausage in the manger.  The village hall became a creative workshop for the children’s Christmas party as youngsters made greeting cards, willow wands and swords and the parents drank mulled wine.  Some might call that slave labour others might call it a brilliant idea. The church  bells pealed out on Christmas Eve for midnight mass when  we were honoured with the presence of the Bishop of Plymouth and for a well attended Christmas morning eucharist.  Jonathan, our organist, lost a close family member and had to go home to Wales.  We are indebted to Hilary who stepped boldly in for the services. After the rather grey weather it was grand to have some sunshine (even though the wind was coming from Siberia) for the annual Dittisham Football Club Treasure Hunt which entails shambling around the village with headaches getting worse as contestants struggle to answer  the cryptic questions.  There is also the fear of winning because if you win you have the arduous task of making up next year’s clues.  So well done and bad luck to Lottie Bond, Liam Hassard, Clive and Pip who won..  Many congratulations to Carol Fraenkel and team who came second  by only half  a point.and to the children’s teams the Jelly babies and the Charleton Cherubs. Thanks to the 0’Flaherty family for organising this fun event.  May it long continue and may all our community enjoy a peaceful, healthy and happy 2009..