Feb 13 2009



It was hard to tell who was having more fun at Party Pieces in the village hall last Saturday night – the performers or the audience.  It was one of those occasions that are really quite unique to rural village life in the UK. The line up, introduced in a witty way by Hugh Treseder,  Chairman of the village hall committee, ranged from  Bollywood Dancing  to Magic with Balls to Rock ‘Roll by our own Boy Band (actually they are all over 50 but very handsome) to spontaneous  story telling, poetry and prose readings. Sadly, there is not enough space here to describe each act suffice to say that the music, singing, dancing and recitals were all delightful. Two just have to be mentioned.  A truly superb recitation  by heart of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’ by Mr. Ken Bowell, aged 93 years,  and a fantastic performance on the saxophone by Ellie Holland aged 13 years..  The short mat bowling team have won a match at last and the audience all sang along to the Frank Sinatra classic with the change of words to ‘we bowled it our way’.  The hall was packed to bursting and it was really like a family party.   Thanks to everyone who helped to make this evening so special.

The Dittisham Regatta is usually  a great day in Ditsum.  It has to be said that Regatta 2008 was not one of the best.  No prizes for guessing why  – the abominable weather. 

At the AGM held at the end of January there was a change  in the committee but this had nothing to do with the weather.  The chairman, Alan O’Flaherty, has stepped down feeling that someone resident in the village should take this on.  He has done a fantastic job for many years and will continue to be Rowing Officer - a key job.    Paul Heighway will again be Chairman and Ian A’Court the vice chairman.  Sue Parkin, Treasurer, also resigned and Trevor Pollard is taking over. Many thanks to Alan and Sue for their work.

If anyone would like to join the team minimum committee time and maximum fun please call Paul Heighway 733 287.  There will be a fund raising Race Night on March 21.  More details nearer the time.