Dittisham Village voice Aug 22,09


The Dittisham Regatta which took place last Saturday was one of the best ever.  It is hard to pinpoint why this one was so special. Maybe it was just that everyone had a brilliant time - babies, toddlers, teenagers, young people, middle aged and elderly. It is said that ‘the best things in life are free’ this is a cliché of course but sometimes clichés can regain their moment. Events at the Regatta were free to all and the day was free of trouble   The crabbing competition, always a highlight,  is so well run by Bob Ball and Edith Wellmanthe King and Queen of Crabbers (click to see photo) and their willing  helpers.  Edith had some interesting crab facts to recount, for example ‘how often does a crab do his business each day’ ‘ Any ideas for amazing facts on crabs for next year gratefully received just email ewellman@email.com.  Mimi Lomax, aged seven, won the crabbing competition by catching twenty crabs and putting them in her bucket.  It is quite extraordinary to my mind that parents cheat to help their kids win.  Apparently, someone was seen putting crabs in a bucket before the crabbing started, keeping the bucket under the pontoon and then pouring them in before the whistle.   As you can imagine the organisation of this event is hugely time consuming and the last thing Bob and Edith need are problems like this.  Parents and Grandparents  please take noteThe rowing events were very well supported with the over 50’s the most popular.  I wonder if that is because we are an ageing community or if we are just good sports.  In the under 11’s Harry Hyman won for the third time and he is still young enough to race again next year.  Should he be allowed to keep his cup in perpetuity?  I think so.   This year there were three whalers rowed by men and woman from the Anchorstone café, Ferry boat Inn and Fingals.  It is great that this event goes from strength to strength.  So does the Tug of War and new this year there was a children’s tug of war ably run by Paul Vincent.  The evening event was also a huge success and  many commented on the delicious lamb, yoghourt and mint wraps made by Farmer Phil Bond. He has a stall at the Dartmouth market so you can try out his wares there. The old oar of Ditsum inscribed ‘Those named upon this Oar can boast “I screwed up more than most” was ably won by Alan O’Flaherty, former chairman of the Regatta Committee, organiser par excellence of the rowing races (thanks Alan for picking up some sailors thus enabling them to participate in the family rowing race) and in charge of the programme.  He managed to leave out the most  important advertisers namely the Ferry Boat Inn, the Anchorstone Café, the Red Lion and Fingals Hotel.   It was a wonderful day and many thanks to every single person who helped make it so.