In the media August is sometimes known as the silly season.  Is this because our government is on an eighty two day break and it is felt that nothing happens in our country whilst they are away?  Such silly legislation has been passed in Parliament during the last few years, particularly on health and safety and political correctness which has effected many activities in the rural communities that perhaps we should call  August the  sensible season as no legislation will be passed and  having a good time on the beach or out sailing is an extremely sensible thing to do.  The Quay in Dittisham becomes a centre of action at this time of year. Sadly, our friends the lame duck and Norman’s mallard have been frightened away by the corwds.  Or maybe they are on  honeymoon.  Last Sunday a very smart, new  Prius was parked on the beach and became partially submerged as the tide came in.  The Western Morning News did a big story on this on Monday and managed to get many facts wrong so I would like to set the record straight.  Max Constanduras sic Constanduros and his friend Mike Adamson, regular visitors staying at Dunedin Cottage, said that they and four other men  and Emma bumped the car up the beach. We know that Ray Benson, the Landlord at the FBI eats lots of spinach but even he could not do this singlehandedly as stated in the WMN.  The owners of the car were very appreciative of the help offered. Perhaps the moral of this story is obvious.  Click here to see photo. Read the Tide Table. Click here to see photo.  Tomorrow is Regatta Day.  Make that little effort and decorate a hat or cap for the best dressed hat competition it will give  such a festive look to the day. The rowing and crabbing events are always popular but there are many other things to do. Throughout the afternoon along the quay and on the beach there are stalls, Tombola, BBQ, Bar, Face Painting, and magic from Lez the Fez.  He opens the proceedings at noon and the first rowing race for under 11’s starts promptly at 1.00pm.  Do remember to bring life jackets.  At 4.00pm there is a mixed Tug of War so get together your teams of 4 males and 4 females.  At 4.30 onlookers judge the best dressed dinghy by a clap o meter.  Time for a cream tea at the Anchorstone Café then a rest then prize giving takes place at 8.00pm in the village hall. There will be a bar and BBQ (if you can face another one) followed by live music from The Filthy Gorgeous.  Whether we have sunshine or showers a good time is promised for all.