It is always a pleasure to hear from readers. Please keep those comments coming in.  Last week I wrote about St George’s clock being perfectly in syn with Big Ben at midnight on New Years Eve but I have since discovered it was not the brilliant mechanism but  a very important person in the belfry was listening to the BBC and struck the bell by hand in perfect time with Big Ben.  This is because bells cannot be rung at the same time as the clock striking .  The recent questionnaire sent out to all villagers asking for ideas to up the usage of the  Village Hall has produced some interesting ideas.  If you are willing and able to help run a Film Club, an exercise class or a Table Tennis Club then call Edith Wellman on 01803 722 298.  The one night a new activity cannot take place is Mondays at 7.15pm.  This is when the very enthusiastic short mat bowling club meets.  They are still at the top of the South Hams League.  New players are always welcome.  Call Di Fletcher on 01803 722 427.for more information.  There was a  PCC meeting on Tuesday, January 19th the last one chaired by the Revd Simon Wright. From February  both Dartmouth and Dittisham will be without a vicar for many months strange the workings of the Church of England when the powers that be know someone is leaving but do nothing about replacing such a key person until after they have gone. 

Future events:  At the Red Lion Inn tonight, Friday January 23 fish and chips, scampi and chips or even mussels and fries are being served perfect for that after Christmas diet.    If this is a success it could become a regular event so call Penny for reservations on 01803 722 235.  Alternatively,  down the bottom at  the other place, the FBI, Burn’s Night will be celebrated. The Ditsum Players are now well into rehearsing their forth coming production of DICK WHITTINGTON  to be performed in Dittisham Village Hall.

Tickets are sold out for Friday and Saturday but are still available for the Premiere on Thursday, January 28th. Call John Wells now on 01803 722 414 if you do not want to miss a grand evening of entertainment