Let’s chase the doom and gloom away with some good news.  The Dittisham  Community Library which is housed in the Red Lion Inn  (should we be in a record book with the  fact that in one building there is an internet café, a pub, a shop, a post office and now a library?) has had more books borrowed in the last three months than were borrowed in an equivalent period from the mobile library which was a victim of cutbacks. Anyone can borrow a book and the stock is rotated every three months.  It is also possible to order books and you can do this online. Brigitte and Penny can help if you find the process complicated.   Tonight  in the restaurant  there will be bonne bouffe  if you are in the mood for French food you can book on 722 235. On Saturday, March 5th to celebrate World Book Night  Clive Pig, Story Teller and Bard of Exeter, will be performing at the Red Lion from 7.00 pm onwards. He will entertain with dramatic tales, music, songs and poems. If you are unaware of WBN it is a scheme whereby  one million books will be given away on that night  by an army of passionate readers to members of the public right across Britain.  I will be on the Dartmouth Ferries with my friend Sarah Stoddart giving away Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night. In St George’s this Sunday, February 27th during the 9.15am service I will be giving a short talk about working in an orphanage in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.


 In the first two weeks of February there was a collection around the village for Marie Curie and the organisers would like to thank everyone for their generous donations.  WEAR YOUR DAFFODIL WITH PRIDE fellas that goes for you, too.  On the subject of daffodils I am going to be  naughty here and plug my gorgeous niece Kitty Dimbleby’s book Daffodil Girls which is coming out on March 16.  Kitty is after all almost a Ditsumite.     Daffodil Girls captures the extraordinary world of the heroines behind our army heroes and the book is in support of Help for Heroes.  Mr, and Mrs, R Bull, aka Bob and Edith, who got married last year, have asked me to thank the village for their wedding present which is now installed and they invite everyone  to sit there and enjoy the view.