The village has been very taken up with the biannual Arts Festival which took place last weekend (see article and photos in the main paper) Exactly one hundred people attended the concert on Saturday so that after expenses and including the profit from the wine bar approximately £450 was made.  Pews had been removed from one side of the church to allow for the flower arrangements and sculpture exhibition.  Many people  thought what a good space this left for events and in fact it could provide more seating if chairs are used.   Pews or chairs in a church?.  This could be the Archers!  It is some time since I brought up a village issue but having walked up the far end of Lower Street recently I was shocked by the state of it,  Lower Street is classified as a residential street and as such the council have a duty of care to maintain it.  In its current state it is dangerous and verging on the impassable.  This has effectively turned Lower Street into a cul-de-sac.  The result is that there is considerable damage being caused to private driveways by vehicles large and small using them as turning bays.  The situation deteriorates even further once the leaves fall onto the moss and potholes, turning the lane into a potentially lethal slippery mess.  It is so bad that one delivery van actually had to be winched up when it got stuck.  Even 4 wheel drives struggle.  (see photo)  Perhaps residents of Lower Street might like to organise a letter to Devon County Council. It is   disappointing to report  that the vet surgery set up by Angela at Aurora Lodge on  the Level  has had to be discontinued  due to lack of attendance.  After so much activity, Horticultural show, Regatta and Arts Festival it is a relief to hand over activities to Dartmouth and its Regatta.  Do watch out for the Dartmouth Regatta  sailing races which take place off our Sailing Club in the bay.  It is a wonderful sight and there will be lots of wind according to the forecasts.