The majority of the population in this country live in towns or cities or suburbia and they probably think of a Village Horticultural Show with great fondness or through rose tinted glasses  or they have absolutely no idea what such a thing is all about.    Those of us who live in villages think we know exactly what they are about but we are sometimes knocked sideways by the decisions of Judges and the shenanigans of contestants.  In the jam section of last Saturday’s show (see main article)  the winner of the plum jam was a

Mr John Wells .  The judge had written ‘the flavour of this jam is so good that I have ignored the poor presentation”. I happen to know that the jam was made by

Mrs John  Wells who was in London at the time and had no idea her jam had been entered.  If she had she would have presented it beautifully.Fred Taylor who made a monster out of vegetables deserved his first prize see photo.  owever,  Peter Smyth of East Cornworthy, who had won most points in the flower section, lost many brownie  oops scouts’  points as he managed to spill quantities of salad dressing over several committee members  at lunch  time so that they had to go home and change. The Limerick  this year was won by Felix Rose and went like this:-


When the judges arrived at the Hall

There was nobody in there at all

Not one plum not one bean

No cheese scones could be seen

All had left on ‘The World’ for a tour.


.  It is sad thing to report but it must be said that there have been some thefts recently from the Sailing Club boat park.  It is suggested both by the Police and the Sailing Club  that nothing that is easily removed is left there overnight and also light craft that can be carried off should not be left for weeks on end.  

Tomorrow Saturday, August 7 is Regatta Day. It starts at noon  It will be fun. Be there.